February 1, 2021
Yes, I finally did it
Krista Beavers

Yes, I finally did it!

This newsletter has been a To-Do for quite a while

Let me just say I have a ton of empathy for those of you who have things in your business that you've "been meaning to get to." And, yes, I know some of those things sometimes are related to accounting tasks!

This newsletter has been on my own to-do list for longer than I care to admit. And it feels mighty good to have you reading it right now.

I'll be sending this out just once a month. And I hope you find it fun and helpful ... something you look forward to in what I know can be a crowded inbox.

Now, I want to respect your time and attention, so let's get to the good stuff ...


Tidy up your business and say "NO MORE" to clients who do not spark joy

I would imagine that most of us have heard of Marie Kondo and her book “The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” But have you ever taken the time to tidy up your business?

One area I find that is overlooked in many businesses is their client list! The truth is, not every customer is right for you. We all have those clients that take up too much time and too much energy for too little reward. Which one(s) just came to mind for YOU?

If you can say NO MORE, this month to those clients that do not spark your joy or that bring your energy down you will have more fun and probably make more money, too!

How can I help?


I hope you've enjoyed this month's newsletter. Let me know how I can help you further. With gratitude and thanks,

Krista Beavers, Guardian Accounting, Inc