June 1, 2021
How to Be Better Balanced
Krista Beavers

Date: June 1, 2021

I don't know about you, but I seem to have a never-ending to-do list.

I can all too easily get bogged down with all the things that need to get done. And I freely admit that on most days I do not start with what matters most.

But I've started something new, and I think it might help you, too, if you're anything like me with this issue.

I am now putting my top three tasks of the day into the CommitTo3 app. I learned about this app in The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod (scroll down to the What I'm Reading section to learn more about the book).

When it comes to using the app, I'll admit that I'm a work in progress. I need to get better at blocking off time in my calendar to allow me to complete these top three tasks of the day first thing in the morning.

Because I do like the empowerment of checking them off when I complete the tasks!

I invite you to check out this app yourself if you need help holding your time accountable for completing tasks that move your business or personal life forward. And if you need an accountability partner, do not hesitate to ask a friend, mentor, or even me!

Now, I want to respect your time and attention, so let's get to more of the good stuff ...


Cut out the crap that doesn't matter for better balance.

Christy Wright, author of Business Boutique and host of The Christy Wright Show, was a speaker at the Entreleadership Summit I attended last month. Although I knew of her before then, I am now a big fan and follower. Her topic — Just Stop: How to Cut Out the Crap That Doesn’t Matter — was an empowering message to hear.

Christy says, “You don’t need more time. You just need to be present for the time that you have.”

As parents, business owners, and leaders, we always seem to be striving for that perfect “work/life balance.” It is my opinion that this “balance” gets even harder to find as technology evolves ever so quickly and we train ourselves to not “unplug” from our workday.

I am sure you can relate. Think about that quick text response to a customer during your family dinner or that urgent email that arrives and pulls your attention away during your child’s Saturday soccer practice.

If our workday never ends, then how can we ever really find the balance we seek?

The work/life balance means something different to each one of us, but I urge you to start small and put more life and less work on your calendar this June.

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Krista Beavers, Guardian Accounting, Inc