March 1, 2021
March Madness, but I'm not talking about basketball
Krista Beavers

Date: March 1, 2021

The March Madness I want to talk about is the madness of thinking you need to know/do everything for your business. Why do so many of us do this to ourselves?

Is it really the best use of your most precious resource — your time — to try to do everything yourself?

Is it really better to do it yourself when someone else is better equipped with more skill, training, experience, etc. to handle it for you?

The answer, of course, is no. But I see so many otherwise really smart businesspeople still try to do everything themselves instead of handing things over to an attorney, a CPA, an accounting firm, a marketing firm, or a virtual assistant. (By the way, if you need an introduction to any of these, just let me know!)

Stop the madness! Outsourcing is the answer. Will you help me spread the word?

Okay, rant over. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Now, I want to respect your time and attention, so let's get to the good stuff ...


Procrastination is a form of sabotage and can be harmful to our business. Stop it!

Most of us are guilty of this, but procrastination is a form of sabotage and can be harmful to our business. I know when I am procrastinating on an important task, it puts undue stress on me. It either keeps me up at night or I wake with the feeling of panic and unrest.

Yet these effects on my personal health may not always urge me to action. I have to remind myself of the damage it may be doing to my reputation, to the relationship with my customers and even to my staff. These are harder areas to mend and rebuild.

We all have those growing TO-DO tasks that we never seem to shorten, yet many of us continue to try to do all the multiple areas of business on our own, leading us to this ongoing habit of procrastination.

Let's all just stop it!

I'm urging you to maintain a strong focus on what moves your business forward. We all have to chase new leads or prospects, but you can outsource things that prevent you from nurturing the customers you already have.

Eliminating procrastination by outsourcing certain tasks and removing them from your personal TO-DO list may actually be more cost effective to your bottom line in the long run. Try it, and you'll see what I mean.

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Krista Beavers, Guardian Accounting, Inc