May 1, 2021
Think and Plan, then Do and Succeed Anyway
Krista Beavers

Date: May 1, 2021

Sometimes the best thought-out plans fall apart, and yet we can't fall apart with them! We have to keep going, keep doing, so that we can succeed anyway.

As you scroll down this newsletter today, you'll see a picture of my bright, shiny new office. Yes, Guardian Accounting, Inc. has moved! And, yes, we moved in April ... one of the busiest months for the accounting industry.

Everyone thought I had gone crazy. Just what was I thinking, you ask?

Well, when I planned this move, I thought tax season would be all wrapped up by April

15. The plan was to wrap up all our client work prior to the tax deadline and have a clean window of opportunity to make the move.

And then the tax deadline was extended to May.

What choice did we really have at that point? We moved anyway. The new office is beautiful and bright, and it really will help us better serve our clients. I hope you'll drop by and see it for yourself.

The crazy experience of this move brought home the lesson that even when things don't go like we expect, like we think they will, or how we planned, we can still do and succeed anyway. I hope you'll do whatever it takes, friend. And succeed anyway.

Now, I want to respect your time and attention, so let's get to more of the good stuff ...


Commit yourself to moving forward!

Stannis Baratheon, a character in Game of Thrones, said, “We march to victory or we march to defeat, but we go forward, only forward.”

Sometimes, when things get challenging on your path as an entrepreneur, you have to commit yourself to moving forward, regardless of the discomfort and fear surrounding the next steps.

the HBO series, it still speaks to the perseverance and determination by both parties of the battle.

If you were a fan of the HBO hit, I would recommend reading the book series. But I will say that the 6th and final book of the series, Wind of Winter, is still unfinished.

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Krista Beavers, Guardian Accounting, Inc