May 1, 2022
Going Through or Growing Through
Krista Beavers

Date: May 1, 2021

April was wild and crazy, and May has roared in with its own special challenges. And yet,I'm strangely calm, cool, and collected throughout it all ... at least so far!

I think all of my personal and professional development is paying off!

I can accept being down an employee without taking it personally, which has let memove right into taking steps to innovate to get the work done while maintaining my ownboundaries.

I can be at peace with not being perfect (although I still strive to be!) with theknowledge that my "good enough" really is good enough ... and much better than I waswhen I started, or even just last year.

So, I encourage you to consider this ...What are YOU going through right now that you could be growing through if you just shifted your mindset?

Sit with that for a minute. And if you're so inclined, I'd love it if you replied to this email to let me know!

Now, I want to respect your time and attention, so let's get to more of the good stuff ...


It's important to be present and intentional about creating memories. As Adam Levine and Maroon 5 sang, "... memories bring back you." So, make making memories a priority. Make the time for you!

When I hear the word memories, I start by singing in my head ...

“Here’s to one that we got. Cheers to the wish you were but you’re not. Cause the drinks bring back all the memories of everything we’ve been through. Toast to the ones here today. Toast to the ones that we lost on the way. Cause the drinks bring back all the memories and the memories bring back; memories bring back you.

”These lyrics are the opening verse of Memories by Maroon 5. I mean who out there isn’t an Adam Levine fan?? (Okay, some of you might be Team Blake ... whatever!)

But once I’ve gotten past the Doo Do Do Doo’s, (got you singing it now too huh!, here’s a link to the official video:, the memories begin to flood in!

It is often at that moment when I appreciate the quote “sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” I know that as an entrepreneur, it can be easy to get so focused on the next thing therefore we don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Frankly, due to the nature of my busy season, I hadn’t taken the opportunity to make memories with my children during their spring break until this year (check out our trip in the WHPH section above). I finally woke to the realization that my oldest is going to bein high school soon, and, well, I don’t have many Spring Breaks, Thanksgiving Breaks or Mother/Son Dances left to enjoy with them ... so I better not miss another single opportunity to create those lifelong memories. Not only for me, but for them!

I know one of my fondest memories growing up was our annual camping trip to Camp Fresno with my family and extended family. This annual trip celebrated 50 years! I attended 41 consecutive years, but as we all know COVID put a damper on many things, and Camp Fresno was one of those casualties (among other factors, too).

Two years later, it still hasn’t reopened, but I still share so many memories and stories with our family that I will cherish for a lifetime. Here is a picture I want to share with you as we celebrated the 50th year together!

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