October 1, 2022
I'm Choosing the "And"! You With Me?
Krista Beavers

Here we are at the beginning of Q4, and I’m curious…

Do you see it as the beginning of the end? Or as the home stretch?

The “beginning of the end,” according to Cambridge Dictionary, is “the point where something starts to get gradually worse until it fails or ends completely.”

The “home stretch,” on the other hand, originates from horse racing and is the last part of the race... from the last curve of the track to the finish line. It’s where the horses stretch themselves and put on a final burst of speed in their attempt to win the race. Or do you have a more cyclical view of things and see Q4 not as an ending at all but rather the ramp-up to a new year ... the precursor to the next Q1?

Well, I don’t know that any of these are right or wrong. It’s all a matter of perception. And I also don’t think you have to pick just one way to look at it.

It’s like Halloween…

If you enjoy the “trick” part of Halloween, you’ll watch scary movies and go to Haunted Halloween at Hobb’s Grove. If you like the “treat” part of Halloween, you’ll eat more candy this month than you probably should. (No judgment here for getting that extra bag — or three — of those oh-so-tempting fun-sized candy bars!)

The phrase may be “trick or treat,” but can’t you have both? Trick AND treat?

Can’t you race toward the finish line, while also looking forward to and planning for the next race?

I’m choosing the AND! And I hope you will, too.


“When you stop growing you start dying.”

- William S Burroughs

Growth is how we develop new skills, and that is important no matter our age. I think it is safe to assume you have heard the quote by William S. Burroughs, “When you stop growing you start dying.” Growth is how we develop new skills and that is important no matter our age.

Growth has become its own industry and was valued at $41.81 billion in 2021! That is a lot of potential being unleashed across the world. That growth could be professional, spiritual, mental, relational, or physical and could improve your career, your health, your relationships, and/or your productivity.

Personal development improves our habits, behaviors, actions, and reactions. We learn to better control our anger, become more considerate or responsible, create better habits, or adopt a more positive attitude.

Every person’s path will vary along the journey, but the beauty of growth lies in unlimited possibilities. So, what is the first step you will be taking in your personal development journey?